matteo tardelli

Hello, I’m Matteo 👋

I made the transition from academia to biotech and management consulting, and now I help other PhDs do the same by providing actionable steps and execution plans.

Higher education is facing significant challenges, but I’m here to help you discover the career trajectory that’s best for you and effectively communicate your value. With experience as a biotech leader and strategy consultant, I’ve taken on various challenges, including delivering consulting proposals and leading biotech drug discovery efforts.

My writing has been featured in publications such as Nature, Science, Inside Higher Ed, and I’ve spoken on achieving post-PhD career success at prestigious institutions. Additionally, I’m the author of The Salmon Leap for PhDs: Swimming Upstream – A Transition from Academia to Industry (2020) and Beyond Academia: Stories and Strategies for PhDs Making the Leap to Industry (2023).

Selected Experience:

– Author and speaker focused on diverse career outcomes for PhDs
– Resume writing and refinement
– Navigating the job landscape, offering application advice and strategy
– Principal scientist and biomarker expert at several biotech firms
– Life science consultant and advisor for global consulting firms

You’re welcome to connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn, where I regularly share valuable insights and strategies on pursuing PhD careers beyond academia.

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